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Only a high school yearbook can preserve the memories of friends and classmates as well as the accomplishments and events of your high school years.

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The population size then rebounds to 1000 individuals at generation 21 and remains at 1000 for the remainder of the simulation to simulate a bottleneck effect. Computer simulation of genetic drift in four replicate populations starting with initial allele frequency of 0.5 over period of 100 generations.

In the case of the Salinas human population, even an allele carried exclusively by this one man would by necessity come to be in relatively high frequency due to the founder effect.

If the population size grows rapidly after a generation of small size, the increased population size tends to decrease the force of subsequent drift, thereby freezing in the drift effects that occurred when the population was small.

These features are illustrated via computer simulation in Figure 4.5.

Hence, a founder size of 4 or less is realistic in such cases.

(Single males could also be blown to a new island, but no population could be established in such circumstances.) If the inseminated female found herself on an island for which the ecological niche for which she was adapted was unoccupied, the population size could easily rebound by one or two orders of magnitude in a single generation, resulting in a situation not unlike that shown in Figure 4.5b. The village of Salinas, located in a remote mountainous area in the Dominican Republic, had a population of about 4300 people in 1974 (Imperato-Mc Ginley et al. Seven generations prior to that time, the village was much smaller.