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She broke down in tears when she discovered Ted was about to kiss Victoria at a wedding he invited her to and when her boyfriend, Don broke up with her to pursue a job which she denied to continue her relationship with him, the few times she showed emotion.Robin has several strange quirks which her friends have picked up on.However, Robin still remembers Simon as her first love (. She debated between a currency rotation specialist (or, as Ted Mosby has called it, coin flip bimbo) for Million Dollar Heads or Tails, a game show with a national audience, and a researching position at World Wide News. Despite her tough exterior Robin is actually quite insecure, especially on terms with the relationship on her father, though she says otherwise she actually does need approval and acceptance as they're relationship was built on more coldness, respect and fear rather than love or a mutual bond.Without a job, Robin found herself in danger of being deported back to Canada. Following through with her New Years resolution to obtain a "World Wide News I. Second to Barney, Robin is the least ready for a commitment out of the group.Despite this Robin became very close with Ted's two children, Luke and Penny who loved her in return, calling her "Aunt Robin".Another factor of why she was always against getting into a committed relationship was how vulnerable a person had to be, something which she was always against, seeing it as antifeminist and never wished to be a crazy, jealous person like many people in a serious boyfriend and girlfriend relationship became.For example she overuses the word "literally" in most of her sentences.

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Jessica Glitter has been actually Robin's BFF, until she got pregnant and quickly grew apart from her.and Robin moved in with her mother ( that she didn't play team sports when she was younger, only tennis, which she hated playing doubles.It was while living with her mother that Robin would embark on journey to become a Canadian pop sensation, going by the name Robin Sparkles.Robin befriended the gang in 2005 after an awkward date with Ted Mosby.She is Lily's best friend and Ted's ex-roommate as well as, ex-girlfriend to both Ted and Barney.In 2013, she marries Barney, but they divorce in 2016.