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I didn't really talk to him and he just sat there glaring.'At the end of the night I said we are going for a quick swim and would she join us to swim around.She said give me two minutes I need to speak with my friend.'We went to the sea and we were there for 20 odd minutes but she did not join us. She was gone.'Indian police have been slammed over their investigation amid claims they have made a series of blunders.Her stripped and beaten body was found the next morning in a field four miles away.The two pictures, in which the faces of everyone apart from Danielle were pixelated before being released to Mail Online, show the backpacker linking hands with someone sitting in the background - believed to be a local man.Saskia Gall was one of her friends who had to identify the body but she was also asked to ID the suspect in his cell.She also questioned police activity at the crime scene, adding: 'We went out to the field and there were about 30 or more men standing next to the body taking photos and watching.'A friend added: 'The girls who brought her down to Palolem from Agonda. They also had an opportunity to identify the suspect and the police put him in the same room with all the girls, like 24 hours after. Sammy Tavares, Deputy Superintendent of Police said: 'There is no question of polluting the crime scene. We call the crime scene experts and forensics.'But in this case it might have taken a couple of hours for the team to turn up.The photos show Danielle Mc Laughlin in a bikini top standing behind a group of tourists in a bar at the popular beach resort of Palolem.An hour later she is believed to have left the party on a scooter with her alleged killer.

Another holiday-maker, named only as Susan, said she was left stunned when one of the men groped her breast. It is a beautiful place and people are generally friendly.

a good place to chill-out , and a great venue for acid/rave/trance parties. and people all over the world listen to goa and enjoy it..

These are the last known photos of a British backpacker showing her holding hands with a local man just hours before she was brutally raped and murdered in Goa.

It has also emerged that friends were put in the same room as the main suspect, Vikat Bhagat, who had confessed to the crime, to identify him.

And there is also surprise that Bhagat was free despite having a long criminal record.