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When we consider the slow processes by which mankind has been brought up to the present state of civilization, enlightenment and liberality of thought and action, we are in- stantly brought to realize the admirable scheme of Providence, which held America in re- serve so long, for the uses of a developed people, where the best product of humanity should find its opportunity and expression. The coming of Girist, however, brought into the world a new influence, which so revolutionized thought, conduct and character as to establish a distinct and unmistakable historical landmark from which it is natural to date the philosophy of modern development and justify the arbitrary declaration that South Dakota's history began when Qirist was born. The truth of the foregoing conclusion is readily discerned as we follow the spread of Christianity throughout Europe and under its influence forging, shaping and mellowing the barbarians of the continent into the Anglo-Saxon freemen who in the progress of time were called to carry to American shores the civilization which has come to be the wonder of the very fields whence came the seed. The first intent of all natural selection seems to be the development of character ; the making of men for the peculiar needs of advancing and complex social relations and adapt- ing them to the high purposes of God's plan for the ultimate perfecting of the race.Neverthe- less it has been the constant aim to preserve everything of noteworthy interest relating to every portion of the territory comprised within the present state of South Dakota. y— The Primeval Ocean— The First Land— Black Hills First Appear Above the Sea — Submerged Again and Again — Erosion Reduces Height and Provides Soil for Western Section of the State — Eastern Part Appears — The Great Valley of Dakota — The Mis:ouri Runs Through James Valley — Preglacial Climate — Wonderful Reptiles and Monstrous Animals— Flora of the Early Days— Professor Todd's Studies— Osborn's Story of the South Dakota Lake and Its Inhabitants 27 CHAPTER II.In the preparation of the work the author has used unreservedly every authority within his reach and has drawn largely upon the recollections of pioneers, but, wherever possible, fortifying their stories with something from the contemporaneous record. — The Story Told by the Mounds— Little of Archaeological Interest — No Cer- tainty that South Dakota was Inhabited 'Prior to the Coming of the Indian— Old For- tification at Fort Pierre Most Curious and Uncertain of Origin — Dr.Kerr's Conclusion Against Their Visit to South Dakota— Le Sueur Probably Visited Sioux Palls, 1690— Verendrye Visits Vicinity of Pierre.

Choteau in it — Driven Back — Expedition a Failure — Manuel Lisa Appears — Big White Successfully Returns — New Fur Trade 72 CHAPTER VIII.— The Astoria Expedition, 1811 — Washington Irving as a Historian — Pierre Dorion Again in Evidence — Overtaken by Lisa — The Fight at Pierre — Reach the Rickara Towns — Rickara Homes and Customs — The Story of Grey Eyes — Great Council with the Rees — Home Coming of the Warriors — Trade and Barter — Decide to Leave the River — Movement Up Grand River — Edward Rose — Pass Through Black Hills — Grizzly Bears Plenty 77 CHAPTER IX. Confident that our efforts to please will fully meet the approbation of the public, we are Respectfully, B. In the examination of this subject I have, for a period, adopted one date after another as a suitable starting point, only upon fuller examination to reject each in turn for another more remote. iii|ii Jiii Gc 978.3 Mr R56h v.l 1142443 , CSENEALOGY COLLECTION PUBLIC LIBRARY Illlllil PI llllill 3 1833 01066 7217 w^Mmi^ HISTORY OF^ SOUTH DAKOTA BY DOANE ROBINSON TOGETHER WITH PERSONAL MENTION OF CITIZENS OF SOUTH DAKOTA ILLUSTRATED VOL. The publishers would here avail themselves of the opportunity to thank the citizens of South Dakota for the uniform kindness with which they have regarded this undertaking and for their many services rendered in the gaining of necessary information. INTRODUCTORY It is not easy to determine the exact date for the beginning of the history of South Da- kota.If Europe then, through two thousand years, was preparing and selecting the stock which should create America, so too from that noble stock has another selection been made by the tedious but certain processes of the later centuries which have produced a people for the IXTRODUCTORY. Every step of the way from the cradle of Christ down to the founding of Dakota's schools and churches has a wise providence made this people to walk over a way beset with character-perfecting obstacles.Scarcely a day but has pre- sented difficulties, before which a weaker people would have turned in despair, but over and through it all they have pressed steadily forward until on the broad prairies of America a commonwealth sustained by a survival-selected people of superior character crowns their laborious achievement. Every biographical sketch in the work has been submitted to the party interested for approval and correction, and therefore an)- error of fact, if there be any, is solely due to the person for whom the sketch was prepared.