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The seal has a circular base, although its edges are highly abraded, from the reverse of which expands the faceted hexagonal-sectioned pedastal handle.

The handle terminates in a trefoilate knop, with a drilled circuar perforation to form a loop, and with this preceded by a rounded collar.

This is a popular religious motif that was a symbol of Christ's sacrifice to mankind and was a common depiction in use at this time (and can be found on many other examples of seal matrices). A cast and engraved incomplete Medieval lead-alloy pointed oval seal matrix.

Description: On the front there is a central incuse design of a flower of four large ragged petals arranged in a cross alternating with four smaller ragged petals. The seal matrix is discoidal in form with a small circular attachment lug protruding at a right-angle from the back of the disc, positioned at the top with a wide and flat ridge running longitudinally down from it to the opposite edge.

The pedestal has six sides; one side has a slight elongated indentation with an incised line running along its length. Measurements: overall height: 28.80mm, weight: 10.25g, Face - length:18.10mm, width: 14.83mm, pedestal - width: 4.77mm Description: The design within in a star shape is co… It is a pointed oval in plan and has a projecting pierced lug at one end of the reverse.

The matrix face has a single line border round the edge and between the legend and the central motif, which is a six pointed star over a crescent. The matrix is circular in plan and has a raised rib across the centre of the reverse, with a cast pierced lug at one end.

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Around the outside edge is the inscription: S W I L L I D C A R L E T, viz. A William de Carleton is known from the 13th century, an ind…

The recorder notes that an online transcript of a circa 13th century document mentions a Richard Molendinus as holding land at the village of Cam, approximately 15 miles from the findspot. The object is a pointed oval in shape and is concave.

The plain underside forms a dome which results in a high point on the engraved face of the matrix, in the centre.

There appears to be an engraved design in the centre of the face, and an inscription surrounding it along the border. A circular die with faceted hexagonal section handle with a collared top loop.

However, the details of both the design and the inscription cannot be seen clearly. The central motif is a bird walking or standing left [on imprint].