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Stevens justice in Queens county, he having surreptitiously obtained a marriage license for Wm.

35 The remainder of " reversed side " is legislative minutes of the council separately paged 1-77, and published in Journal of the legislative council of the colony of New York. Warrant to Jarvis Marshall for re- calling ships from Sandyhook. 2 10 Warrants: to Elisha Parker for firewood for the garrison; to Matthew Clarkson for cloaths given to the Indian boy Christian; to Gabriel Monviele for writing paper; to Jarvis Marshall for salary; to John Pelletreaux tallow chandler for candles. Ten of the greatest guns to be mounted at Sandypoint. Warrants: to Nich's Bayard for wheels to the great guns; to Wm. 10 4 Dirck Wessells reports that the five nations will not make" peace with Canada and refer the governor of Canada to Cayenquiragoe (Swift Arrow, Gov. 12 12 Land granted on Staten Island to Anthony Tyce as petitioned for. 16 25 Commissioners called from the other colonies; Sir Wm. Warrants: to Chidley Brooke for his own and his employees salaries; to Dirck Wessells for expenses on the journey to Onondaga. 76 17 Payment for making copies of revenue acts passed by the assembly ordered. Revenue of the weigh-house to be applied for repairing the fortifications of New York. Non-residents cannot hold a public office of trust therefore Joseph Dudley ought to be deposed from his office as chief justice. 137 24 A barge for boarding vessels at Sandypoint to be procured and the house on Nutten Island to be rebuilt. 138 26 Order on petition by John Hoglandt about a bond given to Capt. Payment of salaries ordered to: Peter Schuyler as captain of fusil- eers, John Schuyler lieutenant, Thos. Payment to James Moody for "navigating" the woodboat of the garrison. Capias to issue against James Berry and Daniel Lawrence. Orders on petitions: by Andrew Gibb for land on the south side of Long Island between Winganhappagne and Orowake; by Thos. L; of Miles Forster for renewed lease of one of Leisler's houses. 76 19 Letters from Albany full of alarm because Onondagoes have been defeated by the French and the soldiers are about to be disbanded: order thereon to Capt. Pro- clamation to issue calling upon inhabitants of Albany to act in their self-defense. 132 22 Joseph Dudley excluded from the council as non-resident. Indians of Suffolk county demand through the sheriff that one of their tribe be tried by English law for CALENDAR OF COUNCIL MINUTES 1 668- 1 783 77 1692 v. 136 19 *' Council advises that the governor personally visit the field where the election of representatives is to be held. Courtandt to provide beds for the Albany gar- rison. Order that the treasury warrants should be numbered. COLUMBIA LIBRARIES OFFSITE AVERY FINE ARTS RESTRICTED ill iii mi vi lit AR01515152 University of the State of New York New York State Library M B Bulletin 58 March 1902 HISTORY 6 CALENDAR OF COUNCIL MINUTES 1 668- 1 783 i Ex IGtbrta SEYMOUR DURST When you leave, please leave this hook Because it has heen said "Ever'thing comes t' him who waits Except a loaned hook." OLD YORK LIBRARY — OLD YORK FOUNDATION Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library Gil i oi Si ymoi k B. Justices to be summoned for con- tempt in not collecting the taxes promptly. Justices of Kings, Queens and West- chester counties to be summoned to answer for their negli- gent collection of taxes. Committee report that Gerrit Jansen Roose has been wrongfully deprived of his land; ordered restored. Arent Schuyler for travelling with Showannoes ordered paid. Bradshaw's company; to Nich's Bayard for gun- carriage wheels. Advice of council concerning an inflammatory letter writ- ten at Boston by Abr'm Governeur a Leislerian condemned for murder, and pardoned. 6 Salinus husband of the widow of Cornelius Steenwyck as administrator of John Shackerly's estate. Circulars sent out to hasten the collection of taxes. Sloughter's accounts of moneys given for extraordinary expenses. Warrants to issue: for payment of carpenter's work done in the fort by Henry Ford before and another for work after Governor Fletcher's arrival; to Joseph Bueno for powder and goods furnished to the fusileers at Albany; to Jarvis Marshall for salary as attendant upon the council; to Abr'm de Peyster as administrator of the estate of Thos. Opinion and advice of the council concerning Martins Vineyard. 165 15 The governor absent on his way to Albany with 200 men. Chant commander of their majesties' ketch Al- brought advised to careen her bottom for repairs in " Jefferys cove through Hellgate," where Robert Darkins can pilot.e him. Fletcher reports the escape of the French; his letter from Schenectady. Ulster county for Gertruy Bruyn and her children, John, James and Hester according to petition. Order upon a petition of David Provoost about carpenters from Ulster county. Supplying the royal squad- ron under Sir Francis Wheeler, and Col. Dursi Old York Library Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2014 OOnewy_0 University of the State of New York New York State Library Melvil Dewey Director Bulletin 58 March 1902 HISTORY 6 CALENDAR OF COUNCIL MINUTES 1668-1783 PAGE Preface 3 Arrangement and abbreviations 5 Colonial governors 1664-1783 6 Colonial council 7 Colonial clerks 9 Council minutes Volume 3, pt 1, 1668-73 10 « 3, pt 2, 1674-78 19 " 5, 1683-88 32 " 6, 1691-93 62 " 7, 1693-97 89 " 8, 1697-1702 123 " 9, 1702-6 168 " 10, 1 706-1 1 209 " 11, 1711-19 243 " 12, 1719-20 271 " 13, 1720-22 278 U 14, 1722-25 287 " 15, I725-29 298 PAGE Council minutes -. Schachkook (Scatighcook) Indians to be provided with corn. 92 12 Robert Livingston refuses the post of " providore " for the troops at Albany; Peter Schuyler, Dirck Wessells and Levinus van Schaick appointed managers of the incidental charges there. Johnson and John Lav/rence of the council decline paying the secretary's fees for their commissions because they have " no benefit nor advantage by the office." 97 20 Justices of Suffolk, Richmond and Queens counties bring their excuses for the slow collection of taxes. Willett reports that he will not be able to furnish an escort to Albany for the commander-in-chief; order thereon. Committee of council to examine into the report made by Mrs Lyndall that Clapper's wife had called the commander-in-chief a murderous rogue. Payment ordered to James van der Spegel and mate for trying to catch three French prisoners. Cortlandt will no longer be deputy to Mr Blathwayte the auditor. Account of Casper Teller for transporting soldiers etc. Account of Jonah Thomas for entertaining a sick soldier or- dered paid. Order on petition by the inhabitants of Boswyck, Brooklyn and Flatbush against Newtown for in- trusion upon their lands. Jasper Nissepatt father-in-law of Governeur, and Gerard Beeckman summoned before the council. Warrant issued to Jacob Phenix for transporting soldiers to Albany. Johnson late justice of the supreme court; to Dirck van der Burgh for work done in the fort before the governor's arrival. Phips encourages and will not deliver Abr'm Governeur. 165 14 First and second castles of the Maquaes in the hands of the French. Southern and New England colonies to be informed of state of affairs. Foulkes land forces in the West Indies referred to a committee. Proclamation to issue concerning free- holders who desert their farms on account of taxes. 186 10 Pennsylvania to pay for the expenses of Gov. Mrs Sloughter dissatisfied with the audit of her husband's accounts. Movement of grain out of Albany and Ulster counties for- bidden.